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Man-o-Salwa, a heart-touching and blockbuster novel (also was Telecast on HUM TV) by Umera Ahmed. Basically the concept of the word “Mano-Salwa” is something which is beneficial and easily achieved but because of its easy achievement it loose worth in ones eyes. Its human nature to go for the desires which are either beyond our reach or for which we acquire shortcuts/unlawful means and the end result for both the cases is unsatisfied and tragic life. In the struggle and haste to earn more and more worldly wishes a times arrives when we find lack of love, care and sincere feelings in the life but ALAS!! We have nothing but to regret. The writer in this story conveys the messages on importance of “ Rizq-e-halal ” in life. Now days unfortunately we get to see a lot of people around us who instead of being thankful to Allah for the blessing of Rizq-e-halal are always complaining to him for never giving them enough.

Twilight novel by Meyer Stephenie complete- 4

Download free/read online the most popular English novel  
The Twilight Series complete 4 parts in pdf.

Dakia aur jolaha

Dakia Aur Jolaha By Mustansar Husain Tarar in pdf.
click the link below to download

Chiraghon ko bujha na dena novel

urdu novel Choraghon ko bujha na dena by Nighat Seema in pdf.

Boqaf horror novel

Urdu novel Boqaf by Rashid Nazir in pdf.
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Eeman Umeed Aur Mohabbat

Eeman Umeed Aur Mohabbat
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Fazail e amal

Fazail e amaal in pdf.
The renowned work by the great scholar of Hadith of India is in no need of an introduction. Includes the Stories of the Sahaba, Virtues of the Holy Qur'an, Virtues of Salat, Virtues of Zikr, Virtues of Tabligh, Virtues of Ramadan.

Bahishti Zewar

Islamic Urdu book Bahishti Zewar by Molana Ashraf Ali Thanwi 
 complete11 parts in pdf.

Dil ki dunya

Dil ki dunya by Molana Mufti Muhammad Shafi pdf.

Teray Ishq Mein Novel

Teray Ishq Mein Novel By Ayesha Naz Ali pdf.urdu

 novel Tere Ishq mein by Ayesha Naz Ali in pdf.

Inka novel

Urdu novel Inka novel by Anwar Siddiquie pdf. in pdf.
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Rooh Ki Pukar Novel

  Urdu novel Rooh ki pukar by Rider Haggerd in pdf.
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Shehere Yaran Novel

Shehere Yaran Novel_ By Riffat Siraj complete.

Khabees novel

Download free / Read online horror mystery purisrar  Urdu novel 
Khabees novel by( Anwar Siddiquie )pdf. in Pdf.

Download Magazines Q Magazine -2012

Q Magazine - February 2012
Thai/English | 88 pages | PDF | 25.26 MB

Download Magazines INC India -2012

INC India - March 2012
English | 68 pages | PDF | 7.29 MB
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Lady's Magazine  - January 2012
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Grihsobha Magazine - February 2012 (2nd)
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Essencial Lingerie - Verao 2012
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MYO Magazine - Spring 2012
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Download Magazines It's About Everything - 2012

It's About Everything - Spring 2012
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Download Magazines Asian Voice India - 2011

Asian Voice India - December 2011
(Wedding Issue Spacial)
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DUO Magazine - March 2012
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Download Magazines The Catalyst -2012

The Catalyst - March 2012
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Pyar ki Khushboo

Pyar ki Khushboo 
by Huma Kokab Bukhari

Uptime - 2012

Uptime - February/March 2012
English | 68 pages | PDF | 40.15 MB
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Shuaa Digest August ----1998

Shuaa Digest August( 1998)

Miami Living Magazines -April 2012

Miami Living - April 2012
English | 116 pages | HQ PDF | 182.89 MB
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Zindagi Mere Liye Gumbad Be Dard Thehri

Zindagi Mere Liye Gumbad Be Dard Thehri

Front Row Monthly Magazine - March 2012

Front Row Monthly - March 2012
English | 92 pages | PDF | 20.02 MB
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Dasterkhuwaan Frbruary (2012)

Dasterkhuwaan Frbruary (2012)

Teri Talab Ki Chah Main

Teri Talab Ki Chah Main 

Schi Kahaniyan March( 2012)

Schi Kahaniyan March( 2012)

Mahi Mahi Kook Di Main

Mahi Mahi Kook Di Main 
(By Huma Kokib Bukhari)

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Dalda Ka Dasterkhuwaan - 2012

Dalda Ka Dasterkhuwaan March 2012

Shuaa Digest January -2012

Shuaa Digest January 2012

Mohabbat Dil Ke Sehra Mein

Mohabbat Dil Ke Sehra Mein

Mohabbat Dil Ke Sehra Mein 
By Shazia Mustfa (Part 1)